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The new song is amazing, fantastic and very aggressive riffs.
slayer fucking gods!!!!!!

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World Painted Blood

This is the newest installment in the legacy of Slayer painting the world in blood. This started so long ago and just continues on a trail of blood and murder. What is it one band unlike all others can survive damn near 3 decades. These guys show a sign of the times on the hell the world is headed to. Fuck everyone, fuck everything. The state of the worlds decay is reflective in their music. The guys keep proving in the world when your heart is real, nothing can stop you.
I cannot think of one metal band continues on a path of anger with such venom and fury. It is funny how I look at these guys, listen to it in any given gospels they have. They are a church, we are the Slayer babies. Now only if I could find the Church of Slayton holding a mass in Rochester, NY again. They got kicked outta here June 12 of 86. I was at the show at Backstreets. How many of you know what I am talking about in seeing God in a shithole bar?