Slayer to perform "Reign in Blood" live

Line-up now finalized for Slayer's special London show where they will perform Reign In Blood in it's entirety. Click here for details

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Killer line up especially the Melvin's!!!!!! Much love and respect to slayer!!!!!!


I agree, way fuckin' cool and Fuckin' Slayer Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slayer Rules the Fuckin' World!!!

What the hell is that, I was not there... It had to be really a fuckin' great gig... SLAYER!!


Been my number one band since the start (I mean the very start) and I have seen Slayer every time they have been to Manchester England (amongst other areas). I am sorry to see that the Manchester gigs seem to have been missed from the tour and we would have to go to the dreaded London to see the boys. Just had to say that after 27 years I am quite sad that I may not see them on my home turf again as I have many years of happy memories of the boys blasting the shit out of this city. Guess Manchester is only fit for shite modern metal bands or Justin Beiber and his fluffy mates.
Oh well, confined to my house to listen to them and watch dvd's again and again. Still love ya always (have to I've got the friggin tattoo ah ah).
P.s Fuckin' Slayer!!!!

To see this live performance of Slayer's incredible masterpiece ''Reign In Blood''is going to be like a time traveller witnessing Van Gogh paint ''Sunflowers'' or Michaelangelo paint his mysterious ''Mona Lisa''.This was and remains as Slayer's ultimate musical achievement!


Reign in Blood is amazing, probably the best thrash metal tune out there.

You guys are brutal come to London, Ontario your fans love you here!!!!

hell awaits

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