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  • 04.15.14
    Slayer RUSSIAN DATES JUST CONFIRMED!!!! August 3 – Nizny Novgorad, RUSSIA @ Milo Club...
  • 04.11.14
    The Splatter BBQ apron is back in stock in the U.S. webstore!...


Aggressive Perfector

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Tales from the pit

I was lucky enough to get to go and see the boys play in Camden last night. The show was awesome! Typically tight sounding thrashing Slayer show. Getting to see "Old School Slayer Night" was perfect for me as 85-90 was when my musical taste was developed and I know the lyrics of every album front to back from that time period. Absolutely all my favorites! The pit was a little active throughout the show but I can tell that the Slayer audience is getting a little older as I ...