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  • My first slayer show I was 15 fucked up as could be, we piled upin my friends moms bucket and got dropped off falling out the car. I don't even remember who opened up I think maybe Biohazard, my bf passed out up against the wall I was checking on her but then the lights when down and I said fuck it it's wall of death time. Now 16 years later i'm on my 20+ Slayer show I ve met you guys numerous times!! I even had Dave make fun of me for wearing an Attack of the Killer B's shirt when I asked him for an autograph at 12 years old.Leer más

  • Just wanted to say tonight will be my 20 + Slayer show I've been listening since I was 12. Slayer is the only band around that has never changed, the sound is always the same they stick to their guns.

    Playing with Megadeth I was a little shocked but I can chill to some Holy wars before we hear some Expendable Youth... Looking forward to tonight not so much towards Mega but Anthrax hell yeah My possee and Persistance of time take me back to being a confused angry young stoner girl in my bedroom driving my mother insane!!Leer más

    Jadegirl!! Slayer fan since I was 12