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  • Fuck Europe! (No offense meant toward the European people)
    They need to bring this show to the USA, where ALL of these bands come from!
    Lucky bastards at this show get to see Slipknot as well. Fuckin A!

  • My son and I drove to this show from Nashville , TN; 511 miles. The drive was decent. The pizza was very good, props to Giordanos on Van Buren!
    *Testament ripped! Closing with INTO THE PIT and PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH! Testament were recording a live DVD! I got a Testament guitar pick and lost my ticket as I was picking up the pic.
    *MegadetH was dead on all night, shredding through the entire RUST IN PEACE album without stopping, a momentary pause between songs; I could have been listening to the album. They closed with Peace Sells, my sons favorite MegadetH song! Right on!Leer más