Re: In Studio part 2

I prepare myself to end here the time spent on this site what I see myself as a legal fake or covered with a police "Mirror" virus (corrupted by other type psychological individuals) as I think I loose any little time instead of doing any small constructive search.I don't know really who is "deja vu" roman type misfit priest maybe thrown out from the church for the gained behavior and left to search his mental construction of middle fitting somewhere else.You can just cancel my account(s) at any time as doesn't matter for me what happens already written because I don't know what really appears on line and when, what or if appears.I have to apologize to Mr.Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman who appear like being only themselves implied in this top international bad joke with the "any" me in the middle unable to find enough good words for an unknown band maybe now dead from a few years ago.I'll just cancel my email too old used with the police's "trojans" and "mirrors" and is your business what you'll "judge" after with all written.Excuse me and this wrong "you" truly respected top american symbols!