Re: Estadio San Marcos,SLAYER In LIMA,PERU tomorrow nite that's just kool!

So happy to know that our Metalhead brothers and sisters from beautiful LIMA,PERU, are gonna experience such an awesome show as only SLAYER can deliver and this WORLD PAINTED BLOOD TOUR 2011 has taking them throughout some awesome kick-ass places, but to see them playing in Latin America that's just gonna kick some serious ass ,it's a dream come true I swear to GOD that I would love to be there with Y'all tomorrow night ;Enjoy the show and remember JEFF that he'll get a quick recovery from that nasty Spider bite,would like to thank GARY HOLT from EXODUS and PAT O'BRIEN from CANNIBAL CORPSE for filling in and to keep that SLAYER machine -a-going! THRASH on LIMA ,have a blast tomorrow nite from a Die-hard SLAYER fan from NICARAGUA in FLORIDA ,U.S.A. been a fan since 1985 and still counting ,actually I learned how to Speak English listening to THRASH METAL MUSIC and that's a fact! but for now LIMA and SLAYER sounds like so much fun ,awesome! Thrashing hard with a little Hate Worldwide,jk!