Okay lets get one thing straight. Slayer sucks. They have been around for a long time and they still do not know how to play their interments. Kerry King is a big fat bald loser and Araya is a native American who pretends to be Mexican. And get this! I even saw Araya at my church a couple of times. A Catholic church in California. He was praying harder than anyone there. There is a rumor that Kerry King was the valedictorian of his high school. Well this is true, he was home schooled and the only student. Rick Rubin told Rolling Stone Magazine that Slayer was the biggest no talent assholes he has ever worked with 2nd to Metallica. Marilyn Manson and Kerry King have been closet lovers for years. That's what this new song is actually about. Not only are they all closet Christians but they are all closet homo sexuals as well. That's enough for now. I encourage you all to forget about Slayer and listen to some real brutal tunes such as Six Feet Under and Dying Fetus. Slayer is like Sinead O'Connor compared to these guys. Thanks for listening Metal fans. I will write again tomorrow. Stay Brutal!!!