Re: UNIT 731

Jeff Hanneman continues to amaze me with his lyrics,solos and personality.the lyrics go perfect for the music backing it up,hell the whole song is great.the drums insane,the solos incredible AS ALWAYS.keep it up Jeff with the lyrics they are great. wish you would write commenting on 1 song a day, so i can really listen to it as much as i can before i give my oppinion. so far i cant complain at all.keep it up, the song UNIT 731 rules!!!!!!thank you. CHRIS SLAY


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i dont know what is but when Jeff and Tom write together everything just falls into place.the lyrics for BEAUTY THROUGH ORDER go perfectly with the music.and as always Jeff and Kerrys solos are insane,along with Daves drumming.i think this album is in the running with REIGN IN BLOOD,and SOUTH OF being 1 of the best albums they have put out.i would be very proud of your guys are the best. take care. CHRIS SLAY