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  • Jeff come back! My four year old.kid tells everyone his name is Jeff. Kerry is writing songs about getting old and friends.dying! Wtf?! People are.eating peoples.faces off! We need the real, balanced out Slayer! Help us to make sense of it all. So what if you cant play the same shit. Hire Gary and have three guitars! Who gives a shit? We need your soul and we need your songs! Get the fuck better, NOW! MY SON NEEDS TO SEE SLAYER! I FUCKING NEED SLAYER! Practice and.get the fuck BETTER!!!

  • This is my favorite album of the W.Bush years. It is the only album from that period I would say qualifies as true punk rock. It is also metal as fuck. If you are one of those nostalgia fans afraid to pick up a recent album, fucking buy this! If you wish war ensemble was a whole album, buy this. Flesh Storm, Skeleton Christ, and Final Six stand up to Angel of Death and Reign in Blood, without rehashing them. Dave, Kerry, Jeff, and Tom KILL IT on this record. A fine example of Metal, of Art, of Social Commentary, and responsible citizenry! Worth your fifteen bucks. Plus a Grammy!?!Weiterlesen