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  • Was playin' Cult on my guitar last night, goddamn it, pure mayhem. It's a big Fuck You to Jesus himself

    Along with Catalyst and Supermist, the best lyrics in Christ Illusion

    Jesus is pain
    Jesus is gore
    Jesus is the blood
    That's spilled in war
    He's everything
    He's all things dead
    He's pulling on the trigger
    Pointed at your head

    The target's fucking Jesus Christ
    I would've lead the sacrifice
    And nailed him to the crucifix
    Beware the cult of purity
    Infectious imbecility
    I've made my choice


    All Hail Satan

  • Hellyeah ! this $hit rocks, It remembers me Still Reigning stuff (That kinda fake blood n' sh!t during Raining Blood performance)

    All Hail Satan