Tales from the pit

i was in boise idaho a few years back, well let me tell you this isnt a story directly about slayer but 1 of their songs.i was in a little topless bar and this girl came on to dance and she started to dance to south of heaven,the whole place went fucking nuts and started sing the song.to see a girl dance to a slayer song is 1 thing but south of heaven,she must have practiced for a while because she danced perfect.but to see and hear everyone in that whole bar sing along word for word was special. to see that slayer bring all those people together singing is something i will never forget.thank you slayer!!!!!!

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Hey Slayer, my name is gustavo, I'm from Sao Paulo, Brazil and I am particularly anxious and insane to know when will be the coming of you to Brazil.
Puta que o parila, you make a sound of hell, I hear from the uncontrolled Hauting the Chapel until the last album of yours. I think Slayer Slayer, and not metal, Slayer is not trash metal, Slayer is Slayer! DAMN! We Anisio and waiting for you here!


you sent it to the wrong place my name is chris slay. and slay is my real last name.but im not affiliated with slayer just a huge fan.thanks for reading my tale from the pit.chris slay