Tales from the pit

My first Slayer shows were when they co-headlined Pantera's two final U.S. Tours. I was 15. Went to the show alone, don't remember how I got home a hour away. concerts pre-9/11 were fucking crazy! First thing I wanted to do was get high and mosh, held my own for awhile until some fat kid started skanking and punched me in the mouth. Got cheap shotted in the back by a skinhead, there were a lot of them there for Pantera obviously. I remember making it through WAR ENSEMBLE. The rush of pure adrenaline from anarchy in the pit, multiple pits, the weight of the entire crowd swaying, And if you needed help, people looked out for each other. Beer, piss, blood, human stench, bare skin, slippery concrete, and smoooooke!!!! Shared a lot of joints with strangers those nights.

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Tom jhon and cold as life brought harmony to it?.... there was a guy withlong hair very cuteand skateboard all nice?....hahahahah I had tobuy the season on tapes, youknow cds dont work anymore. Weon beyond possession rules!....