Slayer - Sonisphere France

I am preparing myself for the next year's concert in Europe although I don't receive any information from the camping in Metz I may find some other at a little longer distance being a serious try and maybe the only one because I wish to go after in England.Amneville may be also Amen Ville and I am a little afraid of that because of what I said in "Why I am a fan",the opinion could be also a threat and I could be shot myself also like a casual revenge of the original fans for an any appeared also like a "work" finishing of the fake fans because of the ate patience.Will I find there my priest?I can look like a priest also but I am not really a priest, I can be friend with any except catholic, I don't like satanical, I need to see a little tough,better black than white not ugly and I don't have patience for any church story because I am atheist.