Seasons In The Abyss

I have now this video on my computer and phone and I feel very pleasant,I want to make a lyrics study as I am an English learner.I am a little confused because at first I only listened and the images are looking like different but I feel like a deja vu(in french),after the Romanian revolution were a lot of them.I heard a younger voice but maybe because of the first albums on which I can find only some drawings and Season of the Abyss is a little later but I can here the same on World Painted Blood which is 2010.I also found this video of the master almost black and white but is written behind Dynamo instead of Slayer,also a video of Jihad in which appears no where the image of the master but the same younger voice than the image and some Arabian killings with the picture of Osama bin Laden and that is very recent.It is all very original with neck cuttings and I'am afraid I have to cancel it because I can feel bad my blood,I'll make more the lyrics with some other....I made the lyrics...I am afraid now about having such a Slayer friend but I can't stop feeling the same sympathy, not like for those Jihad slayers.I just feel my blood good(brother)!