Re: Slayer

So I'm back and hell of time for me
im so tired,my legs hurt,No sleep for 3 days....500km to Ostrava and 500km back home with train.
I walk a lot about Ostrava City and I have blisters(search for train station and need to recharge my cam battery)
I'm not enjoy a concert, but the filmed video.
Same problem with sound-first two songs and Toms voice(litle).
It was pretty good,but a small hall and half of the sound device only one series Marshalls also a little light effects!
I was ticket at the podium,but because a lot of hurts my legs(I can't hardly walk)go to the right platform and filming!
now my feet won't hurt anymore all OK.
01. World Painted Blood
02. Psychopathy Red
03. War Ensemble
04. Die by the Sword
05. Chemical Warfare
06. Hate Worldwide
07. Mandatory Suicide
08. Altar of Sacrifice
09. Jesus Saves
10. Seasons in the Abyss
11. Postmortem
12. Spirit in Black
13. Dead Skin Mask
14. Angel of Death
15. South of Heaven
16. Raining Blood