hey Mr. king and the rest of you guys except Gary, do you think Jeff would be happy to see you disband the original members. after being together so long you guys were the tightest and most possessed with original energy than any of the other big 3. a friend once told me you know who the greatest band in the world is? I of course said black sabbath, he said good choice but its the stones really. and you know why?? because they never split their ranks of original members and never broke up. after all their years together ( and they had some fucked up problems big time too. as well as a death in the band )they are all still together. sabbath overcame immense emotional obstacles but they grew wiser and more mature and realized they were the same guys inside now as they were in the beginning and they began to miss that a brotherhood. it's a shame bill isn't with them and its a damn shame that Dave isn't with you. it's like Jeff is gone now RIP BRO' god-bless, and your so fortunate that you had a great talent in Gary to be there for you. you could have no better. whatever the problems within your org. you have to work them out. and if you disagree with a mere fan like myself than it just tells me that you actually don't care anymore, and if the creating members don't care anymore or so little, than very soon, your fans won't care either. WAKE PLEASE AND LISTEN DAMN' IT!! Your retirement is closer than your highest peak. work it out with Dave, please,! !!if jeff was here i am sure WOULD NOT BE happy with the situation!!

fucking go out on top like all originators should!! LIKE SABBATH. with bill of course AND DAVE LOMBARDO he brings the element of distinction to the background of what you create like no other.

Whats wrong with your thinking kerry, I rember hearing you say the only reason you do this is for the stage and giving the kids a good show. WTHF!! RETIRE NOT AS ALL THE OTHERS BUT TOGETHER AS THE ORIGINALS. DUDE DON'T YOU CARE ANYMORE?? SAD.... ...