I am writing these lines while tears pouring from my eyes. no onewill guess why i cried on my way or sitting in the office with red, watered eyes.
First of all you made myself me.i’ve loved this music because of you.i have bought a guitar ,tuned it D# i ve learned to play the guitar because of you. I’ ve made a band. I learnt your adrenaline blaster songs with a great appetite. I’ve been you.i played your partitions, i played your solos, on the stage, I stand on the right, i’ve emulated your guitars and bought them, i emulated your raiders apparel and i ve found and wore them, hereafter my name was jeff ,my mates were calling me with your name.
You were the one who made slayer, slayer. You were the one who i loved more among the guys who created thrash metal and inspired to born thousands of bands and guitar players.
İ corrected your poster on the wall last night, your poster has always been a great influence to me to struggle against the difficulties and determining my stand in my life.
Tough, hard looking, unbending, unreachable, no altercative but entertaining....
I was waiting and expecting new riffs and songs which makes me insane and effecting my adrenaline,
I rejected my father, i loved you instead. You never did me evil, you’ve always made my morale and binded to life.maybe the damned spider maybe fate took you, my biggest idol, from me. While many creatures deserve to die existed, it took you...
You’ ve left behind many incredible artworks and you are now became immortal. Your poster will always be fixed on my wall until i die.

Thank you so much for everything, I love you