Re: Slayer Joins Tap Tap Revenge

Glad to see you finally getting the respect you have always deserved!!!I have seen you 13x and I am 36 years old...Without SLAYER and BLACK SABBATH there would be nothing worth listening to...There are few bands as amazing and flawless as SLAYER, when you buy a SLAYER ticket you already know you were not ripped off,and you will get what you paid for...God hates you!!! God hates us all!!!


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Slayer- I know you guys hate religion and I agree. But honestly if you really want to attack religion, you should attack the Muslim religion. So instead of "Christ Illusion" it should be "Muhammad Illusion." But I realize that you are afraid of getting your ass kicked by the Muslims or having some fatwa issued against you. So, instead, you attack Christianity and Catholicism because you know nothing will happen to you. You guys are cowards.

I'm still a fan, but I see some hypocrisy going on.