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  • TOM ,I've never seen you so happy and it shows I would've been so glad to have seen this moment live ,I've seen SLAYER live 20 times and I 've been a fan since 'Hell Awaits' around 1985 and never stopped listening and as soon as I found out that SLAYER it's half Hispanic descent,made me more proud and more of a Die-hard fan ,I got into METAL when I was back in High School in San Francisco,CA and this friends of mine they were like check this out it was the HELL AWAITS tape,I felt in love with that album and after Reign in Blood came out and Kerry King played in the BEASTIE BOYS album in thaRead more

    Mario THRASHNICA Torres

  • I'm gone unsane, I couldn't believe that when I was checking MEGADETH's website and their 'Killing Road"where they mention about their tour and that's when I saw the great news MEGADETH touring with ANTHRAX and my SLAYER,oh my I just started jumping hysterically,what an awesome plan,me and my friends are definetely going and we are getting in the moshpit no matter what.Read more