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  • I Hope I Hear All The Right Things In This Interview. I Tell You What, I've Been Worried About Slayer Since They DIDN:T PLAY IN ADELAIDE!!! Only City To Miss Out On Their Last Australia Tour. You Know, After That Tom Put His BAck And, And I feared I'd Never Seen Them Again, Again Meaning Since I First Saw Them In, 2007? I Dunno, I Was 14 At The Time. The Point Is, SLAYER Better Be Better! Poor Tom. I Hope He's Fine!

  • I Bought It Here in Australia Friday, The Store I Was At Were Out Of Expanded Editions, So My Awsome Metal Father Picked Me Up Anoteher Copy Elsewhere. THIS ALBUM IS AMAZING - I'M GLAD I'VE ENDED UP WITH TWO COPY'S!
    Seriously, Playing With Dolls Is one Of The Darkest Songs Slayer Have Realised To Date! This Album Almost Makes Up For You Guys Skipping Adelaide On Your Tour Here......... Almost