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  • Sounds like Slayer...but isn't!! A good enough album (especially Gemini), but this really proves that Slayers style only really suits they're own material. And to be honest, that's all I want to hear them play anyway. I'd rather wait a couple of years for an original album than get another covers album again like this. That said I like it more each time I hear it..

  • It says something when nearly 25 years after it's release, every thrash/metal album is still measured against this absolute classic. This really is the Holy grail (ha ha) of all albums of this genre. Anything and everything else is measured against this album, and rightly so. From beginning to end it's quality. Groundbreaking at the time and still as fresh today. Not many bands can claim such a feat. Amazing...paved the way for so much. I can't praise this highly enough, so I'll shut up!!!!!