Tales from the pit

I was twelve years old and decided to go to my second Slayer show at Heavy T.O.. Me and my brother were waiting for Raining Bloods drum beat to start. I was soo excited i was ready to jump in that pit and RAISE HELL!! At that point i still had blood on my shirt from Anthrax and my nose was close to being broken. We heard the beat and i`d wondered where the pit was and asked `` Wheres the pit brent?`` He said that it doesnt start right away and I noticed the everybody split to to sides. I was like what the hell is this this sucks i wanna FIGHT!! So Brent said `` Just stand in the Middle and itll start``. So I did and was confused then the guitar started and My First Wall Of Death Happened but i was in the middle. I hit the ground after somebody elbowed me from the right wall and had a broken nose. Brent pulled me out and said `` So how was your first wall?`` and laughed. I said `` A part of me died and went to hell!!``. So he said ``you wanna leave ``.... I said FUCK NO I WANT MORE!!! and that was the best day of my life