Re: SAN JOSE, it's gonna get THRASHED OUT!

Hey there, fellow COSTA RICA and other Central American METALHEADS friends ;you got yer dream come true we have similar tastes in music since we all love SLAYER and now that they are coming down to play for Y'all ; after that rain,yer World will be Painted Blood on this excellent Tour we experienced last October here in Miami ,FLORIDA,U.S.A. thou I know there's so many Die-hard fans ,me being from NICARAGUA,I can relate the same way as Y'all !,so we are all Metal Brothers and Sisters,I wish I would've made it down there; I would've gone and visit my family in Managua and then cross the border through Penas Blancas near Guanacaste then straight through SAN JOSE's SAPRISSA Stadium,you know what next," MOSH PIT" and lots of some serious headbanging and singing along with Tom Araya and Co. Damn ,I wish I was there on Friday...Have ablast Y'all ,SLAYER it's gonna THRASH the Haus down...killa!