Re: River Plate Stadium

I have my cousin living in Buenos Aires, he is a yoga teacher and a doctor, I'm not sure about this year but one winter I intend to spend there and I want to see also a concert, make some friends.I know Argentina is popular for Americans, as I saw also a Megadeth concert.I like also the Spanish people as I can't stand the Romans but I find the Latins less and less disturbing combined with the Hispanic and black race.I thought at first master Araya is a faking Spanish and the site is a legal censorship cover and I wasn't much disliking that.Usually is more comfortable to go in Spain and just "smoke"the winter waiting for the northern summer when and where is safe to put the tent also outside a camping but I never know, one winter was snow also in Morocco as I saw in some pictures so would be possible to catch the neighbored in Santiago a month later.