Re: Reign In Blood

This is the second Slayer album I ever bought with Show No Mercy being the first. I don't think I could touch SNM now, I don't have it anymore and am not too fussed about having it in my collection.
But this album...WOW!!! From the very first chugging riff of Angel Of Death, is the first album I would ever regard as a face melter with it hitting you relentlessly with riff after riff after riff. I bought this in 1987 and for about a whole year I played this album repeatedly all day every day and i still play it in the car now and again as its intensity has not diminished over two decades. I thought that they and other bands would be able to top this but this is an album I keep coming back to again and again. I wouldn't mind hearing a remastered version with a bit more sound dynamics as to me it lacks bottom end but that's Rick Rubin's dry production style. I don't think it would have sounded as intense if Brian Slagel had still been the producer so going to Rick was a very sound move. So to me, definately the best metal album of all time bar none!