World Painted Blood Exclusive Premiere

Your first listen to the full album before it is released to the world...
Now playing only on Myspace, hear all 11 tracks, start to finish and on demand.

This will be your only chance to hear the full album before November 3rd, and your last chance to pre-order your own copy.

5 days until release: Pre-order World Painted Blood Now

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So the new full of hate album is released on 3rd of november?

Great album, but like "Christ Illusion", has a bit of a sterile sound to it. Need to go back to production of "Diabolus" or "Divine". But still, a great album!!!!!! Surprised the California Liberal's came out of them with "Americon". Kind of out of place for a Slayer record.

Yeah, pleasure to listen it after the listening party in London 2 months ago.
Somes song are fuckin' good thrashy & punky as i like as Slayer is since the begining.
Slayer for ever.

Sorry Slayer the album was Leaked on youtube. im sure most of us have already heard it.

Oh HELL YES!!! I've been waiting for this album.... You just made the next week of my life better. Can't wait until Tuesday to get my hands on the real deal, and then Wednesday I'll be at HT and the Kimmel Show, FUCKING AYE!!!