A lesser band would have just quit. Just shows how devoted Slayer is to their fans.

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They did cancell their

They did cancell their Adelaide show. A couple of us flew from Tassie to adelaide to see them so I can tell you how pissed off I was. Especially after bagging the shit out of my mates telling them how much better slayer are than megadeth. Saying that megadeth certainly didnt dissapoint. I will have to wait till next aussie tour before I can see them. Come to tassie next tour, shitloads of fans here. PLus it wont cost me so fkn much in flights n shit. Lets hope Tommy gets his voice back and finish the tour

Slayer did a good job, given

Slayer did a good job, given the circumstances. In fact, I thought it provided a different dimension to the band - I appreciate Dave a lot more after getting into his drumming more than other gigs where I have listened to Tom. If you walked out early, you can't be a true fan - so that would have cleared the floor space for those of us who stayed to the end. Get well, Tom. Most of us hope you're on the mend ASAP. Don't let the knockers get you down. I for one, want to see you for at least one more tour in Australia.