World Painted Blood: Release Date and Track Listing Announced

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Below is the news you have all been waiting for...
The official release day for "World Painted Blood" has been announced,
and we are unveiling all the details packaged within our new Slayer website.
<b>"World Painted Blood" will be released Tuesday, November 3rd in North American and

Monday, November 2 to the rest of the world. </b>
There will be three different editions of the album: Limited edition CD with

multiple CD covers, Deluxe edition CD/DVD, and a high-quality, 180-gram vinyl

<b>Official Track Listing:</b><br>
1. World Painted Blood <br>
2. Unit 731 <br>
3. Snuff <br>
4. Beauty Through Order <br>
5. Hate Worldwide <br>
6. Public Display Of Dismemberment <br>
7. Human Strain <br>
8. Americon<br>
9. Psychopathy Red <br>
10. Playing With Dolls <br>
11. Not Of This God
Keep checking our new website for more details, as everything will come here first.

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sweet ass song names!!! still wished they would put more song