Photos from HEAVY TO

Jon Blacker took some amazing photos of Slayer at Heavy TO this past week.
See them here.

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Two Top notch shots of Tom and Kerry in seperate,yet united photos.Both shots do a great job of capturing the guys at intense moments of raw sonic attack, which I'm sure is'nt always the easiest thing to do.Well done here...and full credit to Jon Blackeron a job well done.


me and 5 people from vulcan went to slayer in calgary , the security scared a slightly handicapped boy and he got scared they threw him out , we went to look for him they said if we did we could not come in to concert after, it took 5,5 hours and calgary police to locate him we lost 6 hundred dollars woth of tickets the boys were 17.17, 19. 15 28 and me a diehard from the 80s what can we do they refused us refunds and enterance sad in vulcan so are the boys callme 403-461-3239