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  • After being in the Army for four years and missing you guys all four years, YOU GUYS COME TO MASS!! I'll be there and can't wait to fucking mosh my way to hell!!

  • OKAY! This pissed me right the FUCK off. Listen to this, I'm watchin' VH1's 7 ages of rock. Their fourth episode is Never Say Die, Heavy Metal. WELL! Guess who's not in there? Once again, Slayer. It seems to me that all these so call "countdowns" and pussy fuckin' T.V. shows won't show Slayer on it 'cause they're deemed to "vulgure" or "offensive" Pfft, I call 'em fags for that Slayer! I'm pissed, they gave Metallica more credit than you guys and you guys started out in 81!!!! FUCK YOU VH1 and BBC! ARGH!