Tales from the pit

when i saw SLAYER open for JUDAS PRIEST,i was on the rail and all i could hear is people bitching that SLAYER was opening for PRIEST,it was weird. i think i surrounded by really old people without open minds.so after listening to all the complaining and hearing the last comment about it which was "why do they have these guys opening" i spoke up and said because PRIEST is smart and they are a whole lot better than PRIEST and thats why more than half the people here are to see SLAYER not PRIEST.i didnt hear another complaint about SLAYER opening. because they came out and kicked everyones ass!!!!!! thanks CHRIS SLAY SLAYER just rules this WORLD PAINTED BLOOD!!!!!!

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To be honest I wish Slayer would just play on they're own Don't get me wrong, seeing the likes of Mastodon and Trivium support them was cool but even the best of the rest don't really compare to Slayer do they? Would be better to see another half hour of Slayer at their gigs than have support. Just me being selfish....

yeah man, i completely agree

yeah man, i completely agree with you there would be nothing better to have slayer on their own i mean i went to see slayer for canadian carnage and they opened for megadeth and i left before the end of megadeths set i was just not into they didnt really impress me but i do have to admit they played rattlehead which i really enjoyed and to tell you the truth i noticed alot of people leave when i did everyone came to see slayer nobody wanted anything todo with megadeth.....S L A Y E R

Priest Headlining

i was thinking the same thing when Priest Megadeth and Testament played in Dublin we were like why are Testament and Megadeth playing before Priest when everyone there were to see Testie and Megadeth? all 3 kicked ass but we didnt see enough of the first two. wish Slayer would come back to Ireland soon we want to see the best fuckin band in the world back here!!!

south of heaven tour

yes, you are right. in my opinion, priest should quit. i saw them on the painkiller tour, wich was great.
anyway, slayer still rule the planet. can´t wait to see them on tour this year. fuckin´ slayer