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Happy birthday ...

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear ... TOM,
Happy birthday to you!

from Poland Smiling

Cumpleaños feliz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What is that f****** sound?

My 1st Slayer Concert

I saw them at the Big 4 and Holy FUCKIN Shit! They destroyed! I wasnt even in the pit and I got a pit experience! I Shit you not, there was a guy that was around 6ft 5in there that was punching down at people and using people like they were baseball bats! It was AWESOME! And the whole entire crowd turned into a massive mosh pit made up of little mosh pits! It was so fuckin fun!


can anyone help me out, need to get it touch with Slayers management, we want to book them for asia, Philippines to be exact. please if any of you guys can help me feel free to e-mail me arman@youigniteit.ph tnx,
and if anyone from Slayers management happen to read this please e-mail me back we are very interested in booking Slayer for Manila, Philippines. any date will do, and as far as funds for artist fee e-mail me back then you will know how serious i am. tnx again


Awesome, being at the right place at the right time paid of for you and your Slayer family!!!

Me and my bro have been getting Slayer tatts over the years together too ; )

Meeting Slayer

Went to see SLAYER at the House of Blues in Vegas with my older Bro and Sis. After the show at about 1am we were all sitting at a Blackjack table and I look to my Sister who looked like she saw a ghost. "Kerry King just fucken walked by", she said. The three of quickly bailed to the bar where Kerry and Jeff were talking with a group of people. We waited until we got the attention of a member of their party and told him we were a family of SLAYER fans who all had SLAYER tattoos (I got mine on 06/06/06) and we wanted to be blessed by SLAYER. No sooner than I could have dreamed, Kerry King was autographing my shirt and tickets. All three of us got to meet Kerry and Jeff that night. We called our Dad later the next day to tell him what happened. He has the same SLAYER tattoo as the his three kids. What an fucken epic night. Thank-You SLAYER!!! Gods to the Davis family