Slayer - Sonisphere France

I found out recently about this concert in Amneville and I want to say I search again a friend of my type although I am not yet sure I'll come because there are only a few campings in the cities also it's a little expensive and I miss some software for the internet security.Anyway I want absolutely to say according to the name of the place which could be also Amen Ville that the Romanians are all the majority imbecile people with a few exceptions and the real Slayer fans not those who are working the music are usually not in the majority in my opinion but rather they are also migrating in the US or other countries not adapting to the majority.Adapting generally good is wrong not correct as the psychiatrist says because may be found good or wrong general around to adapt to. May be found a lot who are working the music feeling themselves stupid or inferior because of the metal strength sounds and this is connected with the shape of the head which is weaker at a big majority as we have been conquisted by the Romans in the year 100 A.D. and after recently by the Russians, so the Romanians are not Romans or Russians but may be casual connected.The Romans generally adapt better with themselves and neighbored with the French and the Spanish far Romans and are starting to feel themselves stupid or inferior close to the Russians that are starting from the Romanians so from Transnistria and Ucraine.Tiraspol is really in the Latin language and means to shoot Tiras and pol is like the north or south pole.I was planing to migrate there and I gave up because the Russian language stopped to be spoken and I realized will be no more the Republic until I'll succeed.I gave up Russian language also until I'll go also in Russia with no tourist visa because I don't want to loose it because of the Moldavian problems.I was very bad about the Romanians Romans and the gypsies but when I went in Greece I made friendship even with the gypsies being eye and hair browned and they are starting to welcome home in their lands.Romania is anyway a bad people for everybody as also the Slavonians are seeing bad the others Romans and gypsies and the old communists all the new young people of any type so I wish for a Slayer fan friend even Romanian because of the two reasons from up.Normally anyone with this psychological "inferiority complex" searches his superiority not absolutely intelligent but also through a force or a trick, that's why I'm afraid to be killed in the concert because of the name of the city because I am a real fan and I don't trust very much anything because of my internet rapes and bad files also connected with the band.I hope for other concerts this year in Europe, maybe UK because I plan it and I can't pay more ways in a year, I have a general tour.If I'll not have the luck for the concert here is my wish for the master Tom.Come here and make Europe a Mayhem old body!Just step on it to destroy it, leave it dead until Moscow, its map shows it only an old ruin, just don't let your music to be made a joke!