Date: 05.10.14
Location: Denver, CO
Venue: The Fillmore
Date: 05.09.14
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Venue: The Great SaltAir
Date: 06.04.14
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Venue: Hamburg Stadium
Date: 06.03.14
Location: Denmark, Horsens Gaol
Venue: Horsens Gaol
Date: 06.01.14
Location: Oslo, Norway
Venue: Oslo Valle Hoven
Date: 05.30.14
Location: Stockholm Fields, Sweden
Venue: Stockholm Fields
Date: 05.28.14
Location: Helsinki Beach, Finland
Venue: Helsinki Beach
Date: 10.27.13
Location: Hollywood, CA
Venue: Hollywood Palladium
Date: 11.24.13
Location: Quebec, QC
Venue: Theatre Capitole
Date: 11.23.13
Location: Montreal, QC
Venue: CEPSUM/ University of Montreal
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