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  • Great album!! The beginning of a new era. More agressive, more complex and deeper than before. Tom began to scream like a maniac on this album, what brought a new level of aggression to the slayer music! The opener riffs of the title track are awesome! PAul did a briliant job on this one! Great songs by King, like Killing Fields, sex, murder art and Ditto head! One of my favorites!

  • In 1987 slayer changed my life forever. When I was only 5 years old and listen, to the very first time, TO THE MIGHT ANGEL OF DEATH. Since then I always bought every single release of them ( Cds, singles, dvds, vhs). My favorite album is God Hates us All ( together with seasons in the abyss), because of the inner chaos that it brougth to me evereytime that i Listen to it. I love the two songs that were already released from World painted Blood, and I can hardly wait for the whole album. BUT, something need to be done in the drums MIX.Weiterlesen