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  • ....In my personal opinion, Mastodon sucks, and we all know Metallica and Anthrax used to be pretty damn kick ass, but not anymore. I wonder why that lineup doesn't do the U.S.? Maybe cause metallica fans would get beat down by slayer fans? and speaking of shitty band fan beat downs, THE CULT???? REALLY???? WITH SLAYER??? Anyway, I think it would be fuckin sweet though to go and see SLAYER with IRON MAIDEN!!! Maiden is fucking awesome .Weiterlesen

  • I have been a slayer fan since 1989, I couldnt wait to see them for the first time. I was in a foster home in the U.P. of Michigan I got emancipated, moved to lower MI and bought tickets for SLAYER, ( it was actually the clash of the titans tour in '91 with megadeth, anthrax, alice in chains, and the ALMIGHTY SLAYER). the hill at DTE music theater (back then it was still called pine knob) was such a massive pit, it was the craziest thing i'd seen, it was fuckin awesome!!Weiterlesen