Tales from the pit

Thursday evening I've been waiting for 2 hours when I see SLAYER out of their bus to enter La Laiterie Strasbourg ... A sign of Gary, smiling Tom and entered prepare ... 21:30, the background music stops ... It's gone! A fucking show with a great choice of songs!! The plublic is shaped ... And SLAYER in great shape! The show is apocalyptic! 1:45 of pure bliss and cutting up the ass!!

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Noise ordinance

Hello all,

I am currently fighting a town, a town I live in. Leesburg VA. We/ I work in a little restaurant with palm trees and sand. There is some light reggae, acoustic rock. I don't mind the music in fact its nice. But, the town noise ordinance is to follow..... BTW no DB requirement means Slayer should be here.

Existing Ordinance: •The current Town of Leesburg Noise ordinance is based on the “Plainly Audible” standard, and does not have decibel standards.

•The Plainly Audible standard is based on the following definitions within our Ordinance:
◦Plainly audible means any sound that can be heard clearly by a person using his or her unaided hearing faculties. When music is involved, the detection of rhythmic bass tones shall be sufficient to be considered plainly audible sound.

◦Excessive noise means any sound which annoys or disturbs humans or which causes or tends to cause an adverse psychological or physiological effect on humans. Specific examples of prohibited excessive noise are set forth in Section 24-182(3) of the Town Code.

•Under this standard, per Section 24-182(3), if sound, generated from a variety of sources as listed in Section 24-182(3) is “plainly audible” at a distance of 50 feet, it is considered “excessive noise” and is considered a public nuisance, constituting a violation.

•The same standard applies to residential and commercial areas with no distinction.

We have some support from the county government. But more is needed.