Tales from the pit

when I was living in nova scotia I hitch hiked down to halifax to see slayer and opening for them was damage plan I'm so grateful to have seen dimebag before he was killed. us fuckin nova scotians didn't get very much metal to come out there but after slayer more metal started coming in. I live in toronto now but the pit was insane, like when slayer was on that was the most violent pit I've ever been in, I've told people here "don't fuck with a slayer pit" and I see slayer here in toronto and the pit is so much smaller and weaker but anyway I mosh like a fucker and get injured and hitch hike home across the province. no bullshit a rough guestamet is 20,000 kms or more I've hitch hiked, went from nova scotia to bc and back sleeping in ditches thats a pit, all over bc at a differn't time years earlier, all over nova scotia, from toronto to nova scotia and back several times. right now fucking sony stole $206 off of me when I tried to order the vinyl conflict, the price was $212, myplaydirect by sony charges me $206 for pissing in the wind, then trys to take the $212 for the records and it cancels the transaction because of insufficient funds. though no company will give me anything not even the ones that took it lol not even slayer.net would help that kinda let me down. YO! SLAYER! lets go fuck sony's day!