Tales from the pit

I went to see Megadeth Testament And Slayer live in Halifax Nova Scotia. And I had to use the washroom. Im a 13 year old thrasher and while waiting a guy talked to me. And he was asking me how i thought the bands were. He said whats your favrite thing about slayer? And i told him about how there really fast and i love there speed. He also told me to never change for anyone and be a metalhead forever. Thoughs words really meant alot. I will be a metalhead forever no matter what. And Dear slayer please come to Halifax Nova Scotia again i need to see you guys live again!

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please slayer you guys have to come back to chicago! hopefully you will and it will be at the aragon brawl room. if its not fuck it ! just please come to chicago!!!!!!!! have been seeing you guys since "86" PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


slayer please come to chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


First seen Slayer in '94 at festival hall melbourne, we travelled from tasmania and on arrival at our hotel we were given room number 213. (song on divine intervention) . Last month went and seen Slayer at soundwave Brisbane and when I rocked up at my hotel the girl behind the counter gave me room 213. wild hey!

This is a message direct to Tom


This word has to give some meaning, when you come to home to play some good music, whe miss you men, come to home Tom to say hello to you people your damn zombies are hungry for blood and flesh.

In other word if you read this:

Hueon ven para Chile, ven a hacer patria a alimentar nuestros cerebros con sangre, y buena musica, toca a estadio lleno que se desate el pandemonio que se abra otra puerta al infierno en Chile!!!!


PD: greetings to all damn fan and zombie brother!


Im just asking to Slayer to come to Mexico city or Guadalajara or Monterrey. Who Cares? Ill go wherever Slayer comes to Mexico. You have a big pile of fuckin headbangers who want see Slayer kick our asses. Ill like to see Slayer this Winter after they end the Sonisphere shows. PLEASE SLAYER MEXICO IS WAITING FOR YOU, COME AND GIVE US A LESSON OF LIFE. SLAYER ROCKS!!!!!!

Kansas city, Missouri

Dear slayer,
the last time you came to teach our town the real meaning of metal I wasn't able to come due to I got in trouble but the my mom and dad had a baby. I'm a metal drummer that is greatly inspired by your works but none greater than Dave lombardo, he made metal fast, the way I like it. Now It will be get if you do an american tour and mayb e stop bye say hi and do one show . It will mean alot to me, as well as to the slayer fans at my school and in this commity. Btw my first album I ever listen to that had metal on it was Slayer Regin in blood. I'm commited to metal and metal drumming, right now I have three bands as a drummer thats a lot, I would like if would guys would stop by. I know right now about Tom ear Infection that shitty bu5t when he feels better please think about. I'm asking you as a fan, but as inspired metal drummer. In conclusion "raise some hell" on your next town show them the meaning of slayer.