Tales from the pit

I been dating Danny for a few years, our 1st concert was Mayhem fest boy he was sure not prepared for my love of metal and Slayer! I have to say he was quite impressed with the metal show that was going on, he said babe I never knew you loved metal as much as you do, I said just wait Slayer hasnt even come on yet and when they do, your going to see the BEST BAND EVER!! Slayer came on and they were so loud for an outside venue, my ears were ringing for days after and my neck hurt from swinging my hair around, after the show he said, man that was the BEST!!! so now when ever Slayer comes close to our town we go to the shows! hanks Slayer for always being the BEST OF THE BEST!! I fucking love you guys don't ever break up!

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RE:1st slayer show for my Boyfreind!

How awesome is this story to hear a Slayer woman exposing her boyfriend to his first Slayer show! Good shit and reminds me of going to the big 4 at Indio and these 3 Slayer girls in the mosh pit and this dude shoved one to the ground and her friend got up in his face and he shoved her to the ground too, but hard like...Me and my brother almost intervened but then this chick got up, ran and punched this fucker in his face...! It was classic and lucky for him he did not hit her back or me and my brother would have fucked this guy up ; )

Anyway, great story and Slayer babes rock!