Re: World Painted Blood

World Painted Blood.

When I first heard Psychopathy Red I got it into my head that the entire album would be that angry when it finally got wrong was I.

The album to me is like a creature that changes it shape but in a savage evil twisted way.
World Painted Blood as track 1 gives a false sense of security with its intro but then it punches you in the fucking head leaving the listener (me) almost dazed, the next 3 tracks just leaves you reeling......then another knock out punch with Hate Worldwide and if that's not enough to keep you focused you get a massive punch in the guts with Public Display of Dismemberment.
By now I was thinking that this is enough punishment for any self respecting metal head then Human Strain is without a shadow of a doubt the track that will floor you and leave you speechless wondering "what the fuck have I done to myself this time" or more to the point what the fuck have Slayer done to me this time.
Americon bursts into life and sets your mind up for the onslaught that is Psychopathy Red, Playing with Dolls is the difference maker and the title almost leads you to believe that it will be a nice mellow fuck it is, onto the final act of violence that is Not of this God.

After hearing the album for the first time I was totally shocked thinking Slayer had gone through some form of metal transformation and I remember feeling that this new album would put a lot of critics in their place, after the 18th time of hearing it (in the first day) I felt proud that buying a copy of Show No Mercy (on picture disc) in 1984 would lead me here to 2009 where I am stunned by the recording quality, the creative edge and the brutality that World Painted Blood presents us with.

Thank you Slayer.

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